Our Facitilies

The purpose-built 6,000-square-foot cleanroom within our facility is a model of leading technology within the vaping industry. No detail went without careful consideration. It is a product of years of experience, research and development, and thousands of hours of design and fine tuning. Co-designed with a UK leading cleanroom installation company known as an industry leader in pharmaceutical design and construction, our cleanroom is an unrivaled environment for manufacturing e-liquids.

Our process starts with hand-selected, independently tested ingredients, procured through the highest calibre suppliers. After certifying their ingredients and components, we mix the raw materials together under the direction of or qualified chemist and lab technicians. After those materials are merged, they steep to perfection under stringent conditions, until they are ready to be processed by lines of automated equipment. The equipment exists within an ISO 7 & ISO 8 cleanroom environment, operated by seasoned professionals We also use an integrated manufacturing resource planning system for full tracability.

Your Idea
Our Job

• Complete end to end Manufacturing and Compliance Service

• Currently Producing over 700 sku's across 24 brands

• Direct Access to 100+ Vaporized Retail Stores

• Flavour Development

• Full co-pack capability and white label capability

Quality Control & Compliance

We work tirelessly to ensure all the E-Liquid we produce uses only the finest ingredients, never compromising on product quality and safety. All our own flavours are made right here in the UK both fully CLP & TPD compliant and made to food grade standards in our very own ISO Class 7 & ISO Class 8 cleanroom under the strictest conditions for every batch produced undergoing rigorous Quality Control inspections.

With a fully trained TPD certification and registration team in-house, along with a close relationship with the UK's leading E-Cigarette testing laboratories, we are able to quickly and comprehensively handle all aspects of the TPD registration and compliance process on your behalf, from the absolute start, to a fully compliant, sellable and rigorously tested and compliant finished product on the shelves.

Our Partners

We also offer a full co-packing service for several international brands where we take their concentrate or finished eliquid and complete the process, manufacture bottle and pack their eliquids to deliver shelf ready products.